AstroRadio SL



myDV Nano

Complete hotspot, assembled, and ready to use. This unit is based on Pi-star (,a DVmega Singleband radio (UHF), and an OLED display for information on the screen. Power is a standard 5V supply (microUSB), use one that can handle enough current (1 to 2 Amps).

Ethernetport uses DHCP, and for wifi, you can use the tool on to create a file to copy in the BOOT folder of the preinstalled SD-card.

Support for D-star, DMR, C4FM, to configure it yourself, just open http://pi-star on your pc, and you can set it up.

NOTE: it can take up to a few minutes before the display shows something!

This unit is complete with Antenna, and preinstalled Pi-star image.


Price: € 159.72      VAT included

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