AstroRadio SL


Solder type N male connector

Conector N

Solder type "N" male connector for:

M&P-AIRBORNE 10 /.400''
M&P-BROAD-PRO 50C Competition /.400''
M&P-HYPERFLEX 10 /.400''
M&P-ULTRAFLEX 10 /.400''
RG 213/U
RG 214 A/U



The new Messi & Paoloni connectors series, completely Made in Italy, is finally available with an elegant brand-new look!


- Easy connector assembly and welding instructions with detailed explanations of every procedure are INCLUDED in the package!

- Dramatic suppression of the background noise!
- No braid soldering needed!

- Humidity proof compression design!

- Perfect match with M&P cables! 105 dB (SA)

- 2 pins provided: 1 for solid core cables and the other one for stranded core cables.

- The inner cylindric rubber seal expands while tightening the connector parts together, therefore efficiently blocking outside the moisture.


Price: € 8.59      VAT included

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