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GMSK DV node adapter

GMSK DV node adapter

The node adapter is built around two major components. That is the GMSK modem chip (CMX589) and the controller (ATmega) that takes communication to the host (PC or Raspberry PI) for his account.

The modem supports hotspot and repeater functionality, half and full duplex so. The transceiver get connected to the present (mini DIN) 9600 bps packet connection.

- Fits on Arduino UNO and MEGA 1280/2560
- Standard mini Din /ps2 9600 packet connector
- half and full duplex mode support
- Complete assembled

Step 1, Install USB driver for Arduino.

It is recommended to use for loading the firmware a standard Windows PC.
First you have to load the USB driver for the Arduino. Normally it will be recognized by Windows, in cases where it is not, I recommend to visit the following links:

Arduino website :
Youtube :
Step 2, Load the firmware.

Download and install Xloader. This is a simple program to load the firmware.

Download the hex file for your ARDUINO :

Version 1.50:

Start Xloader, choose the correct hex file, select Device and set the COM port to the port number that is assigned to the ARDUINO. The baud rate defaults to 115200. Then press Upload to load the firmware. If the firmware is loaded correctly a message will appear below in the bar of the Xloader screen.

Step 3, Settings G4KLX D-Star repeater software.

Installation manual DVMEGA GMSK shield


Price: € 62.92      VAT included

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