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Thre Remoterig RRC-1258MkII system can be used in many different ways. The most important configurations are showed on the pictures below.

The most common way of using the system is with radios which have detachable control panels. Whith those radios you keep the real radio feeling as the system works exactly as when you  have the control panel connected direct to the radio. And the most important thing is that no PC.s are needed at all. The Remoterig are tested and supports the following rigs with detachable control panels. Learn more on the How it works page and the system configuration page.

RRC-1258MkIIs (dualRX) is sold in pairs assembled tested but not configured. Included in the package is one USB cable, Power cables (2 pc), Cat 5 cable for making IC-706 cable and a 2xRJ-45 extender.

Separate Control- or Radio boxes are also available in the Webshop.

Cables for the major Radio models can be bought from the Webshop

Price: € 430.76      VAT included

Only in Spain Peninsula

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