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DP-2BDQ 40 - 80 M

Antena HYGAIN DP-2BDQ DIPOLO 40 y 80

The DP-2BDQ is a 40 or 80 Meter dipole antenna with 101 feet maximum length of dipole. Designed for horizontal or inverted "V" rated at legal power. Individually pretuned matched traps for each band, 50 Ohm feed, coaxial cable not included.

Perfect for field day or any time you need to put up a dipole in a hurry, it uses braided nylon wire rope. Conductors are woven into the rope. Uncoil the conductor using pre-marked frequencies for easy installation. 100 feet of support rope on each end and a SO-239 (UHF) connector is on center insulator.

Price: € 200.86      VAT included

Only in Spain Peninsula