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Receptor SDR FDM-S1

ELAD FDM-S1 is a 61.44MHz ADC sampler connected by USB to your computer.

It can be used as a SDR direct sampling receiver from 20KHz to 30MHz or as downsampling mode up to 200MHz.

FDM-S1 work with ADC sampling frequency at 61.44 MHz then Xilinx FPGA Digital Down Converter  convert samples to a stream I/Q data selectable to 192kHz ,384kHz, 768kHz, 1536kHz, 3072kHz or 6144kHz sending to PC throught USB 2.0 controller.

I/Q data streams from 192kHz to 3072kHz have 32 bit/sample while 6144 kHz I/Q stream work at 16 bit/sample.

The device can be used as sampler for experiment downsampling use (from 30MHz to 200MHz) taking advantage of the wideband front-end of the A/D converter, proper filters should be used to avoid repetition images and limitiations should be considered near transition frequencies.
Experimental boards are available to allow to build external filters. PDC-V1, and PDC-2M are preassembled filter and amplifier to use in 2m band.

FDM-S1 is powered by USB connection due to less than 2,2 W power consumption.

In congiuntion with the FDM-SW1 software included it is possible to demodulate CW, LSB, USB, DSB, AM, SAM, DRM, FM e WFM signals.

FDM-SW1 software include also DRM decoder native.

Compact size 90x108x27mm, come with BNC to SMA adapter, USB cable, CD and safe bag.


Price: € 376.31      VAT included

Only in Spain Peninsula

BALUN 1:4 BL04

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