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DSPKR 10Watt DSP noise cancelling speaker

DSPKR Altavoz con DSP eliminador de Ruido

Really hear the difference with this quality 10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker


The DSPKR DSP noise cancelling speaker incorporates unique DSP technology to remove unwanted background noise and interference from speech, and has up to 7 DSP filter levels allowing the user adjust the filter for their level of noise and interference.  The speaker simply connects into the extension speaker socket or headphone socket of your audio equipment and requires 10 - 16 V DC (1A min).

The DSPKR comprises a wide frequency range 4” speaker and an audio amplifier capable of producing up to 10-Watts audio power, with built in bhi DSP noise cancelling technology.  The unit also has a sleep mode, and requires an audio input signal of between 80 and 500mV level and a DC supply of between 10 and 16 Volts (2A).  The unit is supplied with an attached black 2 metre audio cable with a moulded 3.5mm jack plug for the audio input, and a red/black 2.1mm fused DC power lead with bare ends.  A 3.5mm mono auxiliary output socket is provided to allow the speaker to be used with headphones or to drive another loudspeaker.  A 12V DC plug-in mains power supply PSU12-1A is available as an optional extra.

Want to connect two radios to your bhi unit or speaker?  The bhi two-way Mini Switch is an easy to use low cost solution that allows you to do this.  It comes supplied with two ALD-001 3.5mm audio plug leads to connect to your radios, and instructions for use.


10 Watts audio output power
Fully Adaptive noise cancelling 9 - 24dB
7 filter levels
Simple pushbutton control of DSP functions
Audio level indicator to optimise filter function
Separate volume control
Filter level store function
Sleep mode to conserve battery power
Easy to install with adjustable mounting bracket
10 – 16Vdc operation
Auxiliary output socket for headphones or loudspeaker
Up to 6 Watts input
Dims: 135(W) x 130(H) x 85 (D)mm
Weight 0.85Kg
Supplied with 1030-FPL fused DC power lead and user manual


Price: € 148.83      VAT included

Only in Spain Peninsula


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BALUN 1:4 BL04

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